beautiful circular machine

Saturday, September 23, 2006


9 of 16:
Music: DT
Texts: AKH
Computer samples and encoding: Acer 290

1. beautiful circular machine

a disk, a perfect shape,
the universe of rings
suspended in a cage of strings
Ouroboros bites its tail
perfection never fails
rotation never ends
circular path of the saw
the toothed disk cuts the line
glues the two ends together
circularity of time


2. shake yer bones

I’ve ground your bones
small yellow bits the colour of the sun
crushed every little particle
until they became brittle and fine
ran through my fingers like sand
put them into a hollow coin
and hung it on my neck
it swung to my rhythm
and it grew warm against my heart


3. lullaby

she ties my hands
securely blindfolded
I’m closed to any sound
but her beating heart
the titillation of her touch
crawls on my skin
feelings grow tired
how long do you go on
with one sense out of five?
she sings me a muted song
I feel that with my palm
lips moving don’t mean speech
and when she’s gone
the sound of rain deafens


4. pistons of alchemy

are you ready to come to life
my pet golem
crooked limbs of clay
blood is pumped into veins
clots get pushed through
will dissolve as you move
needles, shiny steel
will bring the spark of life
drink it from the wall socket
you’re now plugged into life


5. widen the breach

capture the castle
ram your long stones into the walls
hold tight onto your tools
make big oval holes
and scatter the broken bricks
don’t forget to walk through
wriggle, wiggle and push
remember how you were born
now you know the way
burn their white flags
or colour them red in their spilled blood
it’s all about the trophy
pluck it while it’s ripe
when we’re done, may I ask you
to a picnic in the moat?


6. tuva ballroom

they found her in the dark of woods
she smelled of pines and smoke from the fires
they took her to the city
with her woven skirts, leather cords
and animal bones stuck in her greased hair
put her on exhibition, it was called a welcome party
among fine ladies and gentlemen in evening dresses
awaiting her to deep-throat sing for them
which she did
the kamlan to the accompaniment of strings
even the sleepiest demons awoke
and went down to earth to have a look
it’s so unladylike to wear leather on the wrists
seemed not all guests were welcome
you’ve got to hate the unprepared hosts


7. dancing submarines

where’s the border of a country
used to outline its mainland
but no more
the bubble of geopolitics has grown
shall we divide heaven and hell between us?
with time; now let’s go for the deep
send the phallic shapes of submarines
with the spermatozoa of men and missiles
fully loaded and dancing
in the earth’s liquid secretion
along the paths drawn on paper
that would dissolve when soaked


8. long march

we go to a pin-striped parade
bombs now are always carried in suitcases
take a close look at a sales manager
in that plastic corner
you never know what he pockets
just his lunch or C4
edible explosives
they march too well for civilians
when they enter and leave
in the 9-to-5 frame
they must be planning something
‘Death of a salesman’ – to ‘Death of a customer’


9. tender nerves

every child dreams
that he runs away from his dentist
the drill works in vain
there’s no more jaw to make a hole in
the bubbles in the syringe blow up
the needle dulls in rust
dreams are always about miraculous escapes
and miraculous healings
where we are for ever whole
and there’s no such thing
as a bared nerve


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


in early summer 2006, two virtualities, AKH and DT, teamed up to find out what screeches, crashes and screams they could elicit from their computers. the result is 16 tracks that mix techno, industrial, and neoclassical styles of... no, we don't call it music.